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D8 AKA Snowlol is da KING <:) This is a new forum for SSA Clan whose people play DotA All Stars @ Garena. It's dedicated to my lovely friends who are from Sweden and Saudi Arabia! ~SSA~ stands for Sweden & Saudi Arabian Alliance =]
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 The Official DotA Ladder FAQ

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The Official DotA Ladder FAQ Empty
PostSubject: The Official DotA Ladder FAQ   The Official DotA Ladder FAQ I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 18, 2009 3:01 pm

OK guys Smile and here is the official DotA Ladder FAQ.

1. What is DotA Ladder?

The DotA Ladder is a ranking system for global DotA players on Garena.
You get certain amount of credits when you win a DotA game, and lose
credits if you lose a DotA game.

The DotA Ladder also keep records of useful information about your DotA
games, such as the hero you chose, your hero kills/deaths, items
purchased/used etc.

You can check your ranking and statistics here: Ranking & Statistics

2. Does DotA Ladder credits have anything to do with my Garena exp? What's the use of the credits?

No, gaining or losing DotA Ladder credits does NOT affect your Garena Experience in any way.

If you earn enough credits, your DotA Ladder level will go up.

We will come up with more methods to make good use of DotA Ladder
credits and improve DotA players' gaming experience on Garena.

3. Cool! I want to play DotA Ladder games, how do I start?

It's simple, just make sure you're using the latest Garena, find a DotA
Ladder room, enter the room, and play games the way you play in any
other rooms.Currently, DotA Ladder Rooms are available in all major
countries, these rooms are usually the first few rooms of the said
countries. To check if you are in a ladder room, there will be an
announcement stating that you are in a DotA ladder room.

4. What the ****! I just played a game, how come it's not showed on the DotALadder page? Now I'm pissed!

First make sure you are using the latest Garena, and you were actually playing in a DotA Ladder room.

If you are already in a ladder room and using the latest Garena, you
also need to check the following rules about DotA Ladder games:

a. Only 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 are supported, meaning the number of
players need to be even when the host chooses game mode (i.e. host
types -ap or any other game mode). Otherwise the game will NOT get
recorded as a valid DotA Ladder game!
b. If the game lasted less than 5 minutes, the game will not be recorded as a valid DotA Ladder game either.
c. If the game ended abnormally (e.g. host quits), the result may not
be counted immediately, a 15-45 minutes delay is expected.

5. Holy ****! My team is getting pwned! Can I quit the game?

Think twice. Leavers/Quitters will receive a penalty and lose more
credits, the earlier you leave, the more credits you will lose. Also
you'll have +1 disconnections in your DotA Ladder statistics. As a
leaver you won't receive any credits,??even if your team somehow
managed to win the game without you. Yeah that sucks. So don't be a

Is there a way that I leave this game without losing extra credits?
Like my team want to just give up without waiting a few more minutes
until the other team destroy our Throne or World tree?

Currently, No. Because there is no proper way to tell that if one is a
leaver or just forfeiting. Doing this means the leavers will go
unattended as well.

7. Hey the host just quitted! Unfortunately I was on his team, what will happen to my credits? It's not my fault, you know?

You'll still lose credits. Though you will only lose half of the credits that normally would.

8. Why sometimes I get more/less credits for a game?

The more players the more credits, so winning a 5v5 game will give you
the most credits. Also winning against a team that have higher DotA
Ladder levels than your team will give you more credits too, and vice

Enjoy the EXP Very Happy

The Official DotA Ladder FAQ Sigdota
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The Official DotA Ladder FAQ
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