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D8 AKA Snowlol is da KING <:) This is a new forum for SSA Clan whose people play DotA All Stars @ Garena. It's dedicated to my lovely friends who are from Sweden and Saudi Arabia! ~SSA~ stands for Sweden & Saudi Arabian Alliance =]
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 Some Tips (Read It :P)

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PostSubject: Some Tips (Read It :P)   Some Tips (Read It :P) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2009 6:11 am

How u can improve your skills?

1- Block the creeps at start (most of us start too late or they never try to learn how to block them Mad ).
In this case, who is the best hero in blocking Razz ? (I assume everyone knows him)

2- To be pro NEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER HIT CREEPS .If you do that, I consider u as a n00b, because u don't have time denying your creep and get the last hit -_-.

3-FUCK those RAMBO and who try to be RAMBO "why!!"? Shocked If you see 5 players PUSHING one side and you r alone affraid stay behind your tower if your friends r dead or they r too far away don't go RAMBO and die at least deny the tower, or go push with your friends, or your friends will teleport to your side.

4-Pro players play like 5 TOGETHER or 4 and 1 solo player.
Noob players are 5 solo or 5 never fight together. For example: 3 players are going to push the middle, and suddenly while pushing, one of them says scratch I'm going to get my items. !!!WTF!!!

5- Noob player doesn't get boot till the end. Pro player who should have boot at least in the first 10 mins or less.

6- Never start without stat or with out tango or something to regenerate your health.

7- It would be lovely if someone get a chicken.

8- If you playing AP please wait for 15 to 30 seconds to pick a hero so u have the advantage to get the best heros who fit the one who's against u.

9- If you just saw 4 heroes at start, that mean someone is farming! So, what you should to do is to !!!"GANK HIM BEFORE HE BECOME IMBA AND YOU CRY"!!!

10- The noob is who just wait for miss or someone call him to support side. Pro is the one who's looking around and who see what is happening in the map.

11- Don't buy silly items for example someone got AXE and all the heroes vs him are intelligences why the FUCK u buy 2 vanguard !!! affraid confused in this case u should be buying hoods buy the new item to resist magic.

12- If you like a hero and u think u r good at it, please don't think u perfect! U should improve your skills believe me, u r going to be vs someone who gets strange items to him and he will f*ck u well so save his game and learn.

13 - If u have hero that his ulti can kill 3 or more heroes, DON'T USE IT AGAINST 1 HERO!!! Choice the right time to use it.

Finally, LEVEL UP MR.N00B!!! Yesterday, I played with someone at the mins 30, and he still level 8 and my hero is @ lvl 18!!! IT WAS LIKE "F*CK ME NO WAY"!!! afro

*** @ THE END DONT THINK YOU PRO! and no one is perfect! Smile ***

I know there are many f*cking grammar and spelling mistakes lol! and i will fix this topic when I have time Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Some Tips (Read It :P)   Some Tips (Read It :P) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2009 1:08 pm

Great tips buddy! Awesome point of view Wink Love it <3
Don't worry about the mistakes u did, I just fixed them! If I missed something, please fix it once again ;P

Some Tips (Read It :P) Sigdota
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PostSubject: Re: Some Tips (Read It :P)   Some Tips (Read It :P) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2009 1:18 pm

GJ buddy,
and a few more things,

13. Don't be 100% sure that if you pick Anti their Heroes that you will own them, you may and you may not, because it depends about so many aspects in the game.

a. How many strength in the game and especially in your team.
Because in late games you need someone to tank for your team (Hero who can manage to raise his HP till 3000 and above), don't just pick an intelligent hero just because it can stop one of their heroes. We want you to think about your team first, then think about the other team.

b. Must have an intelligent in your team, at leas one, so in late game he can Hex and disable so many heroes. So many agility heroes works as efficient as an intelligent, so if you pick one of them, it will be alright. # Like Venomancer.

c. A good team, which in my opinion should consist two strength two intelligent and one agility.

14. During push waves, DO NOT wait for the last hit to kill the creeps, just help your team and push fast.

15. If you destroy the tower in your lane, you are not responsible to report miss anymore , because when the tower is down the map became so open to everybody, to farm in wood or to gang other players, so do not complain to your team mates to report missing heroes, you have a mini map just like them, so if someone talked so much just ignore ;p

No one is totally Noob, but there are players who have a limited choices of Hereos.
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PostSubject: Re: Some Tips (Read It :P)   Some Tips (Read It :P) I_icon_minitime

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Some Tips (Read It :P)
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