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 naruto chapter 453 spoiler i would say this 90%

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naruto chapter 453 spoiler i would say this   90% Empty
PostSubject: naruto chapter 453 spoiler i would say this 90%   naruto chapter 453 spoiler i would say this   90% I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 6:35 am

Cover is Naruto.

While Sasuke is racing to Konoha, Tobi warps in front of him.

stuff happens

Sasuke : Taka leaves the Akatsuki.
Tobi : As I said before, betrayers dies !
Taka : ?!
Tobi : It's really too bad, I had high hopes for you.

Then talks about Killer Bee.

Tobi : You almost got killed by the Eight Tails.

Then when Tobi heard they're going to Konoha ...
He tells them that Konoha no longer exists
And that Tobi's subordinate, Pain, destroyed the village.

Tobi : And that's not all. Thanks to you and Pain, they're going to be a Kage Summit.

Then Zetsu comes.

Tobi : What ? A new Hokage ?
Zetsu : They choosed Danzou.
Tobi : I knew it !
Sasuke : Danzou ...
Tobi : One of thoses elders who blackmailed your brother.

Then we see Naruto ...

Karui/Omoi = We'll avenge our master, spit out intelligence about Sasuke !

Naruto feels sympathy about them because they lost their master.

Naruto : Your master is a Jinchuuriki ? I'm a Jinchuuriki myself and
I'd like to help you save him.

Let's search for him together. We'll deal with Sasuke later, okay ?
Tell everything you know about Akatsuki.
Then they continue talking

Then we get back to Sasuke.

Taka's next move is ... attack the 5 Kage Summit and kill the new Hokage !

Zetsu splits in half ( ??? ) and the white Zetsu leads Sasuke.

Dark Zetsu : I hope it will go well.
Tobi : Yeah ...

Spoilers guys talk about what they think about the story ...
( Nothing interesting really )

Tobi : Nagato died too ... He wasted Rinne Tensei, even though he was supposed to use it for me.
It's because of Uzumaki Naruto ! Sasuke can become greater than Nagato ... I hope we can control Sasuke ...

Tobi : The plan is going like planned.
We must continue the Eyeball plan !

Then we see SUNA and guess what FUCKING GAARA RETURNS ! He's going to the Kage Summit !
Then we see Kankuro and Gaara tells him he doesn't need him as a bodyguard.
- - - - - - - - - - - --

translated by: Sho NF

It returns to Sasuke

Taka will mobilize to kill the Hokage at the 5-Kage summit!

Zetsu splits into two, and has his white half show Sasuke's group where the talks will take place

Dark Zetsu: Masterfully done

Tobi: I know

Here's some excerpts of it since it was so freakin' long:

Did you plan for Nagato to die as well?

The Rinne-tensei, which would have been done for my sake, was unforutunately used for...~

We're even closer thanks to Uzumaki Naruto~

Will Sasuke be better than Nagato?~

...control Sasuke well...~

Tobi: I've been biding my time but now we shall quickly commence forward with the "Eye of the Moon" project!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbZvlfY4E3A this 100 % spoiler enjoy )
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naruto chapter 453 spoiler i would say this 90%
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